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This was all filmed on the same day, just to give you an idea of how cold it was and how we treat our slaves. Lindsey was freezing as she was forced to walk naked through a very crowded street.
If you've got any doubts about how cold she was, just look at all the gear everyone else is wearing. There are no fakes on this web site by the way. Its all real and you can watch above video inside.

This was great, it snowed on the way home and what better way to treat our little puppy dog than to take all her clothes away and make her do obedience training in this lovely field. You can see by
the look on her face how much she loves being trained and how she cant wait for her doggie biscuit reward at the end. This breed of long haired Lindseys was made for this kind of weather, very hardy.

That's right BITCH you make sure you clean that freezing Virginia of yours by rubbing it into the freezing cold snow. Failure to comply will result in your cute little ass hole sustaining a severe whipping
when we get you home later! Look how lovely and red her body has gone with the freezing snow. Look at her gorgeous red little ass. Even the lovely soft soles on her feet are red and freezing.


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