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This is February in England. This is a freezing cold day, probably around - 20%. Stripped naked and stretched onto the freezing cold ground by taught ropes, no movement is allowed.
This makes it even colder for this naughty girl but just to make sure that she really suffers, freezing cold water from the nearby river is continuosly poored over her freezing shaking body

What a lovely juicey fanny this girl has got, almost edible, of course its probably frozen shut at the minute. Think she needs a good hot rod to thaw her out. Anyway we carried
on with the freezing cold water untill we thought she would probably pass out, maybe even get frost bite, then we thought we would have a bit of fun thawing her out

We decided we would leave her there untill after lunch, so we all decided to go off down to the local pub and have a bite to eat. English pubs are lovely in the winter and this
one was excellent. A massive fireplace with a roaring log fire warmed our cockles, and the sirlion steaks melted in your mouth. We even played a couple of rounds of pool!


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