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We decided to let Sibble work down the local car wash for the day to earn some extra penny's for us. She didn't really have any clothes suitable for the job so we thought it would
be best if she wasn't allowed to wear any clothes at all. Would defiantly be better for passing trade anyway. In fact it wasn't long before the traffic out on the street came to a stand still

In between working on the customers cars we also used her for a photo shoot, this was very popular with the other lads working at the garage and they were soon snapping happy
with their mobile phones. Most of them had never seen a naked car cleaner before. I told them about how good she would be at cleaning of tar stains with her tush

Who needs shampoo when you can use piss. Sib was drinking loads of alcohol last night so her piss this morning was well good for cleaning up the paintwork. All the boys
at the garage were well impressed by the way Sib directed her piss with her huge clitoris. That couldn't believe a woman could aim so well



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