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We bind Sarah up in icy cold fast flowing water in the cruelest of ways using original hemp rope. The thing with hemp rope is that it shrinks when went and also it continues shrinking
until its completely dried out. Well you can imagine how tight that rope is going to get around her ankles and her wrists. Maybe it will help her to keep her face out of water!

Sarah's now discovering the full extent of her bondage predicament. Her wrists and ankles are going numb as the hemp rope tightens with the soaking. She has to hold her face out of the water
which is putting tons of strain on her neck and back muscles. Besides that the freezing cold water is biting deep into her naked skin. Also laying tits down on stone is pretty excruciating.

What's up dear, a little cold are we? I wonder how long you can keep that lovely face out of the water. Once you get your hair wet, you will really start to feel the cold. Your head/hair actually
preserves twenty percent of your body heat, until it gets wet that is. How do your wrists and ankles feel, are the ropes tight enough for you?



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