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Never let it be said that we don't exercise our girls properly. Take Sally for example, we have just given her a good horsing down with freezing cold water and now we are taking her for a good run
around the farm. There are loads of lovely thistles and stingy nettles to keep her attention going especially as she is barefoot. Just reminded me I forgot to rub her down with tanning lotion

You can see what a fit girl Sally is from the side view, no extra weight there. Of course we make sure that she only eats a certain amount of food, I mean if you let her she would eat
twice as much as she really needs. Then she wouldn't be able to keep up with the quad bike and that would be cruel because she would fall on her face.

That's it horsy, now we are cantering. Keep those lovely legs moving as fast as you can. Never mind the stingy nettles and thistles sticking in your soles, we can pull all of them out later.
You just make sure you keep up with the quad bike, we really don't want you falling over, it will take weeks for the grazes and cuts to heel up and members don't want damaged goods!



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